5 Best Sex Positions to Try Today

Erotic accessories, such as vibrators and pulsators, are great options for increasing pleasure. But there are other ways to reach orgasm and that do not require any sex toy: trying the best sex positions.

Did you know that there are a list of over 490 sex positions according to Sexpositions.club? If you are trapped in the classic missionary position, I want to tell you that you don’t know anything about sex. After reading this article, you will finally get out of your routine and discover new ways to enjoy your body.

Best Sex Position n°1 : Reverse Cowgirl

How about turning around instead of facing your partner? This position is a good idea for those who are lazy and like the idea of having four supports, because each leg is supported on one side of the partner’s hip and both arms are also perfectly supported on the bed. I like this way of having sex because it is ideal for controlling the intensity of penetration.

After all, I think it’s one of the boys’ favorite positions. What could be better than enjoying your partner’s holes while seeing it all in action. While penetrating the vagina, he may use his finger to tickle his lover’s anus. I like it!

69 Position

And who said that only penetration is what sex is made of? Oral sex also goes very well, thankfully! This position is one of the best sex positions for those who like to keep their legs wide apart so that the partner can stimulate the clitoris and the entire vulva region with his tongue.

Besides, if you want a Greek kiss, it is also easier this way! When the subject is sex, what matters is to feel comfortable with the situation and to want to be living the actual moment.

Snow Angel Sex Position

Ok this one might be weird. But that’s what sex should be! Apparently, turning around is everything you need when your intention is to venture into new sex positions. Lying on your side, the idea is that the woman gets her head close to her partner’s feet. This position is ideal for those who like to be stimulated through the anus.

The Snow Angel looks a bit complicated, but it’s easier than you think. Personally, I lie on my back while my lover lies face down on top of me, with his head between my legs. I lift my legs and wrap them around his back to raise my pelvis so he can penetrate me without any problem. Then, I can grab his ass to slide back and forth.

For starters, this sex position might be kinky because it’s out of the ordinary, because it has so many possibilities for you to play and eroticize each other, because it’s challenging, because it’s fun, and also because it’s a great position for cold winter nights, since it generates a lot of friction between your bodies, which will get you warm and sweaty enough to slide deliciously on each other. Don’t you just love it?

Another idea to make it even more exciting is not to go straight to penetration, but for the woman to position herself in such a way that she can rub herself against her partner’s penis and thus stimulate her clitoris prior to penetration. This will work as foreplay for her and will work her arousal little by little until she can’t take it anymore. You can both play at delaying the culmination of pleasure as long as possible, you’ll love it!

The Doggy Style

This is one of the favorite positions for men. Why? They feel complete domination of their partner. I personally feel completely submissive to my partner in this position. And I like it when I give it my all.

Doggy style is one of the best sex positions and the reasons are several: it gives enjoyment, control, and allows for deep penetration.

To perform it, the woman must get on all fours with her legs open, and the man must kneel behind her to penetrate her vagina or anus. Thus, he enjoys total control over the penetration, while the woman benefits from the intensity of the position and the direct stimulation of the G-spot.

As if that weren’t enough, you can also stimulate your clitoris, either using a sex toy or with their own hand – a win-win-win (one win for the clitoris :D).

The Amazon

This one can be tricky!  And you should try it at least once. The horsewoman stands out for its sensuality, offering her total control of the situation. To perform it, you may need a spacious chair or armchair.

The man is seated on the chair, while the woman sits on top of him with one leg on each side, taking control of the situation. This position is perfect for those girls who want to be more dominant during sex, as they have full control of the angle, depth, and speed of each movement.

For his part, the man is also in the perfect position to explore his partner’s body. With both hands free, he can stimulate his girl’s breasts or grab her buttocks to thrust even deeper, allowing for a wilder, more pleasurable experience.

The best sex positions to try!

Here are the sex positions you should definitely try. Make sure your next sexual encounter is a new experience. Talk to your partner, tell him or her you want to try new sex positions and get out of the routine. You may feel very uncomfortable with some sex positions at first, but this is only temporary. After two weird experiences, everything will become normal and natural.

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