My personal review of OMGYES

A few weeks ago, I gathered a few female friends to discuss…. Masturbation. I wanted their insights on why female masturbation was such a taboo. We discussed female pleasure, the dos and don’ts for partners as well as during solo sessions and we ended up doing some research online. I remembered hearing about OMGYes, because Emma Watson talked about it and endorsed it a few years ago. So we checked it out as a group. After that, there was no way for me not to write a complete review of this website. It is…. Something else.

What’s OMGYes? Your guide to pleasure

OMGYes is an honest, straight-to-the-point, educational website about female pleasure. It shouldn’t be new, as female pleasure is so crucial to women’s mental health as well as the well-being of the relationships that involve them. Yet, we hadn’t really seen a website dedicated to this topic before OMGYes. I guess the taboos surrounding female pleasure are breaking down and that’s already delicious in itself.

Why is OMGYes different?

I guess I’m used to seeing websites that discuss everything surrounding female pleasure (vibrators, sex toys, how to meet a partner, what’s a good partner, etc) but not so much pleasure itself. OMGYes started by investigating the common types of stimulation that women prefer: the techniques they use, the movements that lead to their pleasure. They actually developed a science of orgasms and I find that concept brilliant.  Their research is still going and expanding, making the general understanding of sexual pleasure clearer and clearer.

Why is this so important?

I find this concept very interesting and important for many different reasons. First of all, female pleasure should be more discussed and less of a taboo. And if you’re here, you probably think so too. As you know, pleasure is a big part of my life, whether giving or receiving it. Pleasure is a way of understanding your body better, understanding your partners’ body better, it’s basically a way of loving yourself and others.

To better understand pleasure, we need better ways of talking about it and describing it. That was one of the goals of the research: to develop a common language that categorizes and describes the various techniques that were identified as ways of getting pleasure from masturbation. Pornographic or scientific (=biologic) terms were just not covering it. OMGYes brings this information to women and their partners in an easily accessible, intuitive way.

How does OMGYes work?

OMG Yes uses real women to both discuss and demonstrate the techniques and their experiences. You’ll find videos, animations, interviews of women and more that explain techniques and how to reach pleasure, whatever works best for you.

Unlike many other online platforms that focus on sex, you won’t have to pay a monthly subscription to access the resources. The way OMGYes works is you pay per season, just like for a series. The only difference is: you get an orgasm at the end of every episode.

You pay once and then you have a permanent access to the season you bought.

Season one is about the essentials: how to enhance clitoral pleasure (solo or with a partner). Season two about enhancing pleasure with inner stimulation and penetration.

What do I get from subscribing to OMGYes?

More orgasms. Literally. Either for you or for your partners. Or for both of you!

It’s the goal of the website really: to create better, more enjoyable orgasms. To achieve this, OMGYes offers lots of content once you pay for one or both seasons.

I’ll try describing what the material looks like:

OMGYes breaks up pleasure into twelve categories (and that’s just for season one): edging, hinting, consistency, surprise, accenting, framing, layering, staging, orbiting and signaling.

For each section, you’ll find videos of a woman describing the technique. You’ll also see animations that show you variations of the technique, as well as informative graphs and statistics from the research. Women then demonstrate the techniques on themselves and describe (in very thorough details) what’s going on and how it works for them – they tell you about their experience. The designs are very simple, clean and pretty. The people in the videos are just like you and me (people living regular normal lives) and you can see a big range of races, ages, and bodies which make the whole thing very relatable and more inclusive.

What’s in it for partners?

So. Many. Tips. If you ever have sex with someone with a vagina, this website holds the key to their sexual happiness.
It is a great guidance tool for partners who want to open their eyes to the many different ways of giving pleasure. The content is very engaging and helpful, the animations and graph are easy to understand…

Of course, trying the techniques with your own body is very different from trying them on a partner. During a solo session, you instantly know if the technique is giving you pleasure or if it’s not doing it for you. As a partner, and as usual when having sex with someone, you’ll need to communicate a lot with your partner if you want to give them pleasure. This website is not the absolute recipe for giving orgasms to your partner, so trust them and ask them how things feel, try variations together, ask for guidance. 

Will the website grow?

Yeees! And that’s great news.

A little birdie told me Season 3 is on its way and will explore techniques with toys. The OMGYes website also mentions they’re working on a season about men’s pleasure, which is super exciting. Lots more research is in the works, too, including how women’s pleasure changes with menopause, with childbirth, among FGM/FGC survivors, trans pleasure and more.

I think you get the idea: I’m very enthusiastic about this whole project. I strongly advise you to get it. I would stick to one topic per week so you have time to explore the techniques, with or without a partner. Taking an honest look at the specific ways women actually find pleasure and how our body orgasms is exactly what we all need, if you ask me.

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