The Womanizer sextoys? Here’s what I think of them.

Guys, if you want to be the hero of the day, get her a Womanizer sextoy. I’ve always found it very hot when a guy is open-minded and confident enough to get their partner a sextoy. Of course you can use it together and have the best time. You can also let her enjoy it on her own, even when you’re around, and that’s fine! Self-care is important, and self-pleasure is a big part of it if you ask me. Anyway, a sex buddy of mine recently got me a Womanizer Sextoy (Insert heroic music here). With the idea of testing more of these, I also got a second one (the one with double stimulation) and both of them have now become my absolute best friends. So whether you want to give her the best solo sessions or play with her in the bedroom, read further to find out what I think of the Womanizer sextoys.

So first of all, let me just explain to all the sextoy newbies what the womanizer toys are

A Womanizer is a clitoral stimulator. Their Pleasure Air Technology makes the clitoris the ONLY focus of this toy. Ain’t that a revolution? I think it is… It’s probably what people mean when they say it’s important to get fresh air on a daily basis. Directions are very easy: if you have a clitoris, place the hole end of the toy on your clit and let it work its magic. You can either play with the settings or let the Autopilot mode pamper you. It will do all the work and automatically change intensity while you focus on the wonderful sensations.

Like oral sex, but better

Okay guys… To be brutally honest, some of you sometimes tend to overstimulate the clit. It has to do with the pressure and direct contact of your fingers or tongue on it. So after a long performance, our clit feels numb and just wants to be left alone. It’s actually what I was afraid of when wanting to try the womanizer. Will a machine know how sensitive my clit is? The Pleasure Air Technology actually does and the sensations are heavenly. It never directly touches the clitoris, it gently and softly surrounds it – which means it’s never too much. It weirdly knows exactly what to do, when to do it, and all that with air pressure. Can you believe it?  

Are you being replaced?

This is a fair question you might have. And my answer is… NOOO. Of course not.
The womanizer doesn’t replace anybody, nor does it replace any other toy. There’s not quota on pleasure, am I right, friends? This toy allows some great and well-deserved self-love whenever your partner wants or needs it, with the certainty of getting a strong orgasm. But I also very much urge you to try this with her. The combo of the Pleasure Air Technology and action together as a couple will most certainly make her come hard and leave her whole body twitching with pleasure.

Foreplay with the womanizer toys

You can of course use the womanizer toys for foreplay. Use it to gently warm up your partner’s clitoris, or even play with the settings while your partner enjoys all the benefits of this gem. You’ll love to watch her get off on it. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box as well: use it on your nipples as well as your partner’s nipples or other parts of your body. The air thing feels wonderful!

Womanizer for two, please

Fellas, you are most certainly aware that a lot of women cannot orgasm with vaginal penetration alone. If you didn’t know that yet, please keep it in mind and your performance in the bedroom will get ten times better. Using a womanizer toy with your partner will help her reach absolute pleasure. I’m certain you love watching her come. So let me give you three positions I’ve tried when using the womanizer during sex. They really did it for me!

  • Doggy. It’s the first one that came to mind when wanting to use the toy, in terms of practicality. The toy is not in the way and my hands were free to use it while he was behind me. Clitoris stimulation on top of deep penetration led to a new level of orgasm.
  • Sitting. I sat on him, so he was facing my back. He was holding the Womanizer sextoy while penetrating me – and all I had to do was focusing on my own pleasure.
  • Spooning. I think you get the idea. Again, this position is great because the toy is out of the way and either you or your partner can control it. One possible scenario being that “Big spoon” comes in from behind while little spoon uses the vibrator, for example. In my case, my sex buddy saw the sextoy on the night stand and seized the opportunity to make me come in no time. It was just a warm up for the rest of our Sunday afternoon…

A little extra would also be to use it for sex in the shower. Womanizer Sextoys are 100% Waterproof and add a lot of extra pleasure to your solo or shared evening bath.

Womanizer Sextoy for all

There’s one last thing I greatly appreciate with this toy. A great characteristic of the Womanizer Sextoy is how is adapts to different kinds of bodies. The Womanizer comes with two different sized heads to make sure the toy satisfies as many clits as possible. And that, my friend, is how you become one of the best toys on the market.

As you’ve understood by now, my opinion on the Womanizer sextoys is very positive. Its Pleasure Air Technology is super gentle with the most delicate and sensitive part of your body, and it’s really efficient. I’d recommend gifting it to your friends, girlfriends and partners if you want to be seen as an absolute sex hero.

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