5 tips for public sex

Oh the thrill of public sex… Am I right? On a balcony, in some random room at your boss’ party, in the park, on a rooftop… If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you should probably try it. But there’s a few things I wish I’d known before I started doing it, believe me. So just for you, here’s a list of 5 tips for you to get the best of public sex.

1. It takes all kinds (of sex)

I should probably start by saying that public sex doesn’t have to be penetrative sex (I mean… sex never really has to be anyway). If you ask me, going down on your partner in the car definitely counts as public sex and feels just as amazing! You don’t even need people to be nearby for it to count. Do it in your own terms – choose the right place for sex.

2. Easy Peasy

Guys, wear the right clothes. Loose boxers might be the best way to go. You don’t want to get caught because you’re struggling pulling up your pants. Same for you girls, absolutely forget about wearing a bodysuit or tight pants. I’d recommend wearing a dress or a skirt, with crotchless underwear or no underwear at all. Anything to make it easy and discreet. You won’t want to waste any time.

3. That’s the spot

Only do it in a place that turns you own. If you’re excited by the idea of sex in public but feel disgusted by the bathroom of the bar, go someplace else. Don’t do it for the sake of doing it. My favorite public sex memory is doing it on the balcony of a vacation rental in Croatia with a guy I was dating back then. A warm summer night, a few glasses of wine… and things became very hot against the balustrade and on the long chair. You could start by making a list of places that would make you the most excited?

4. Yes to foreplay

You or your partner crave(s) foreplay? No problem at all! Even in the “gotta-have-you-now” urgency, you can tease each other before it all goes down. Being very subtle and discreet will only add extra excitement. Grab his ass when nobody’s watching, graze his or her thighs (or more) under the table while chatting to someone else, sext him or her from the other side of the room… If you plan ahead, you could even bring a remote sextoy your partner can activate when you’re in the crowd. Be naughty, my friends. 

5. Timing is key

Let’s face it: the fear of getting caught is half the fun of having public sex. Yet, you don’t want to make anybody uncomfortable and probably don’t want to get arrested for public indecency. Pick the right time. Having sex on the beach when it’s dark outside? Yes, yes and yes. In the middle of the day? Erm, hard pass.  Finally, be discreet when you take off with your partner, like maybe don’t leave the party in the middle of the speech.

You’re not sure where to start? Here’s a list of ideas for public sex: inside of a changing room at the mall, inside a separate room during a party (spare bedroom, garden shed, garage…), in your car, on a balcony, at the park, on the beach, in a field, on a rooftop, on the hood of your car… Sky’s the limit!

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