How to have steamy hot shower sex

Hey guys, I have to say… Nothing turns me on more than seeing my partner all wet in the shower. The steam, the aromas, our naked bodies… Mega turn on for me. And yes, shower sex can be one of the hottest, most pleasurable and thrilling kind. That being said, it can also quickly turn into a painful disaster. So follow these few tips to steam things up and have the best possible time in the shower.

Shower sex positions

Getting excited, performing all the twists and turns and making it feel good – all that on slippery surfaces and in a confined space – does sound like risky business (and a lot of work). But with the right moves and a bit of creativity, I say bring it. Here‘s a few shower sex positions I’m personally happy with:

Standing Doggy

Definitely the safest position to start with. Your partner gets to put her/their hands on the shower wall, giving you both some much needed stability, while you can penetrate her/them from behind. Also a great position for clitoris or breasts stimulation (or both, if you ask me). This works for anal penetration too of course!

Player 1 On Top

This one only works if you have one of these cool showers with a seat built into it, or a bath tub with a thick enough base. You get the idea: you sit down, she hops on. Open your eyes and enjoy watching her getting off on top of you in the steam and water. Yum! Oh, this makes me think of a cool alternative: let her sit on top of you but facing away. Your chest will be pressed against her back and your hands are free to explore her body.

Leg(s) Up!

If you feel strong enough, take full control of the position. Stand with your back against the shower wall, pick your lady up and let her wrap her legs around your back. Let me tell you: being lifted up by your partner feels extremely sexy. If lifting her sounds too much like a workout, face her and hold one of her legs up. She can also rest her leg on the edge of the tub or on the seat if you have one. This one feels extra good with the water coming down on both your bodies.

One Up, One Down

As always, you really don’t need penetration to take place in order to have fun. Initiate this one by kneeling at your lady’s feet to pleasure her. Be creative, use your hands, fingers, tongue or even waterproof toys. As well as having a great time, she’ll get to watch your wet body from above and, if she’s like me, I’m sure she’ll find it super hot. You can of course alternate and let her pleasure you the way she likes. I’d personally add a waterproof prostate massage toy to the mix, while going down on my partner in the shower.

A few extra shower sex tips

  • Very important: get some waterproof lube. I’d sincerely say a good lube is the most essential item for successful shower sex. Warm water has an adverse effect on natural lubrication so…. I can’t stress this one enough.
  • Get a non-slip bath mat. Think of it: slippery surface + lube + soap. You get me. 15 dollars spent, a night in ER saved. Thank me later.

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