4 unusual places to have sex

The best way to have a fulfilling sex life is to try different things. Avoid that everything becomes a routine, because this sooner or later ends up boring and makes it become monotonous. Discover the best unusual places to have sex!

Surely when I talk about not following the monotony, you are thinking that one of the key issues to avoid it is to make sex something different, exciting, unique, with which you can enjoy new experiences and live a full life! Sex, for no reason, can become something monotonous; if that is happening to you, it’s time to look for a solution. 

Today I made a list of unusual places I had sex – and where you can make love at least once in your life. Having sex in such places helped me feel fully identified. No need to feel sorry. Let’s go!

1) Unusual places to have sex n°1 : In an elevator

May this not be just a fantasy! But without a doubt. It will be a complete cure for the monotony, right? The adrenaline that I felt led me to experience something I have never experienced before and, not only this, the fact that this place is suspended in the air, that at any moment someone can discover us, only increased the passion of the experience. You imagined it, right? I recommend you try it late at night with your partner.

2) Somewhere in the house, different from the bedroom

No more monotony in the bed! Try different places: in the bathroom, kitchen, garden… If you start flirting somewhere, don’t go directly to the bedroom, explore as many places in the house as you can, discover which one you like the most. You can even choose a different place each time you have sex. Get out of your routine and simply feel the desire. It’s all about finding what you like the most!

3) On the beach

This is one of the best places to have sex. If you’re in a relationship, I can’t imagine a more passionate place to make love. You can wait for the night to fall, enjoy the sound of the waves coming and going, and give yourselves to each other in an encounter that, above all, will be full of life. I like to enjoy love this way!

And why not in the water? With passion and madness, surrounded by the stunning sea. But be careful not to stray too far from the shore. You want to be having sex in the decades to come!

4) In the middle of nature

What I like in having sex in the middle of nature is that you are in complete privacy. The countryside, the mountains, a pure and fresh natural environment, in the middle of a night full of stars, there will be no more comforting and peaceful place to try some nasty stuff. I swear this experience will give you reasons to want to repeat it, it will be a natural encounter, completely uninhibited.

I just shared a couple of places I had sex and enjoyed the experience, and the adrenaline rush I felt when doing it. This is very different from the usual bedroom sex. You should definitely try them. But be careful! Make sure your partner is ready for the experience. Otherwise it can be an awkward moment. Come back on the website so you don’t miss the rest of this article – more unusual places where I rolled in the hay.

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