My first lesbian experience as a straight woman

Hey guys, I’m back to tell you all about one of my latest hook-ups. And this time, I’m happy to announce that SHE was glorious. For those of you who know me, you know I identify as straight. But I’ve been feeling a little bi-curious lately. Anyway, let me tell you how my first lesbian experience happened.

Curious about a same-sex hookup? Me too!

It was a first for me – and you know I love first times!
I’ve recently discovered that I’m not the only woman interested in the idea of girl-on-girl action. That’s right, lesbian porn and lesbian stories are the most popular categories among women online! If you’re a nerd like me, check out this super interesting study run by PornHub and Buzzfeed:

Quite the girl crush

Back to my first experience. This woman and I had been checking each other out for a few weeks at the gym. Tall brunette, confident, tattooed left arm… let’s face it, I had quite a crush! Well, a couple weeks ago, she made a move… I was back in the changing room, all sweaty and ready for a shower when she walked in. She walked up to me, staring at me with her piercing green eyes, and I felt weak, though I faked some kind of confidence (something I usually never have to do!).

Heads or tails? Exciting lesbian experience!

Next thing I know, we’re making out rather intensely, her hands are on my body, mine are in her long hair and all I know is I badly want her. We stepped into a shower cubicle to avoid being seen. She pushed me against the wall, which turned me on even more, and went down on me. She gave me one of the best heads I’ve ever had. I don’t know if it’s because a woman knows what another woman might enjoy, but she did things with her tongue that felt totally new and made me dizzy. I had to bite my lips not to make a sound while I could feel her soft hair against my thighs. 

Did this really happen?

And that was it. She went out and left me here, weak at the knees, wondering…. “Did this really happen?”
I still don’t know her name, but I’ll sure remember this experience.
Who knows, I might even check out an app to find a second female partner soon.
All I can tell you after my first lesbian experience is: go ahead. Be curious and try expanding your sexual horizons with a same-sex hookup. You won’t regret the things you discover.  

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