Best Adult Toys for Men You Should Try Now

With the exposure and taboo around female pleasure, we tend to forget about men. The sex toy market has focused mainly on the marketing and development of products for women. On the other hand, the range of products for men is much smaller, but it does exist. In this guide, I will show you some adult toys for men. In the last position, I have put an awesome masturbator that will make you discover new sensations.

Cock Rings

Cock rings have become one of the best sex toys for men. The function of cock rings is to retain the blood flowing to the penis area, ensuring a longer lasting erection, greater firmness, and therefore a more prolonged sexual act. It does not cut off the circulation of the blood, it simply slows it down to help you have an even harder erection. No wonder why men like it!

The rings are designed to encircle the penis, usually at the base, the testicles, or both. But, in addition, some models feature interesting functionalities such as vibration, which makes the experience much more interesting.

In case you decide to wear the ring around the testicles, it will also exert pressure on the perineum, which is not only pleasurable, but also helps delay ejaculation.

This sex toy is designed to increase sensations for both you and your partner. Once you use it, it will simply become your new best friend.


Male masturbators are nasty gadgets intended for sexual pleasure by simulating penetration, whether vaginal anal, or oral. They come to replace the use of the hand. Masturbators for men are sex toys that have been manufactured with the sole purpose of taking traditional masturbation to another level. Although most male masturbators are tube-shaped and have one or two cavities at the ends, there are also other types. The most popular, apart from the tube type, are life-sized dolls, either full or partial body.

Masturbators are toys for men that come directly in contact with your skin in one of the most sensitive and precious areas for men. Because of this, the material they are made of will always be the main factor to take into account. However, there are other aspects to take into account, such as size, vibration, ease of use, etc.

Some of them do not even require you to move them. The internal canal is usually very soft and tight. The purpose of these toys is to get the most realistic sensation possible.

They are also known as pocket vaginas.

Imagine having your vagina at your fingertips in your desk drawer, for example, and get your masturbation dose whenever you want. And without having to wash your hands after jerking. You don’t even need a tissue, because most masturbators leave a small space inside to hold your juice.

What Types of Male Masturbators Are There?

The models of masturbators are very diverse and there are for every taste.  Some may classify them by size and functionality (vibration, shape, etc.), but I prefer to classify them by the hole it simulates.

Oral Masturbators

They realistically simulate blowjobs and tend to give the best pleasure. Some models perform temperature changes to simulate normal mouth temperature. They can also have vibrating features to make the experience even more intense. Anal masturbators are not, as a general rule, suitable for inserting the entire penis.

Vaginal Masturbators

They are larger, usually in the form of a tube and can take your entire penis. Some include heating function to recreate vaginal temperature. There can be different patterns within the canal for simulating several stimulation types. The inner texture can, however, make it difficult to clean.

Anal Masturbators

They follow the same principle as the vaginal ones. The internal canal is usually tighter, simulating a rectum, but they usually can take your entire penis. Like vaginal masturbators, they can have vibrating and heating features.

What I like about masturbator manufacturers is that they never lack imagination to make these sex toys for men real gadgets that go unnoticed –- some have the shape of a torch, others have the shape of a speaker. You can put them on your office table without anyone noticing anything, while there is magic flesh inside :D.

Prostate Massagers for Butt Play : One of the Best Toys for Men

Who said men cannot take penetrating toys? Prostate massagers are great anal sex toys that can help you discover new feeling and pleasure. They are usually solid pieces of plastic that are moved by the pelvic floor muscles, especially the anal sphincter. These muscles are naturally active during sexual stimulation and orgasm. Their contractions are a fundamental ingredient in experiencing sexual pleasure.

Prostate massagers make use of this natural muscle activity to provide stimulation to many other sensitive areas of your body, which are very sensual. The pulsation of the muscles makes the sex toy to press and pivot on the perineum and to rub your prostate, anus, and rectum.

The rubbing and contractions happen involuntarily, as if you let it all happen without your intervention and as if your ass is trying to pleasure itself. I swear the pleasure becomes increasingly intense. As the involuntary reflexes continue, the pleasure can lead to an orgasm or a series of them. The key to achieving pleasure using prostate massagers is to induce the involuntary movements of your pelvic muscle.

Prostate massagers gently stimulate your prostate, perineum, rectum, and anus, creating a deep pleasure you may never have experienced. As you become more aroused, they respond by providing more stimulation. They also significantly improve sex for couples. Imagine your girl performing a blowjob while you’re having your prostate being tickled. Your erections will be even more powerful.

There are plenty of other masturbators for men. In another article, I will do sex toy reviews of other kinky masturbators to explore all the pleasures of your body. I’m sure you won’t be bored in these times of endless lockdown.

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