Deflowering Boy – How to Get the Best out of Each Other?

By listening to their friends’ passionate, sexy and incredibly intense deflowering stories, young virgins decide from one day to the next to put an end to their loneliness and discover the magic that we women have between our legs. The Z generation is lucky, they have to download a dating app and do two taps to get a naughty date. If you are dealing with a virgin, it is not always easy. Not only does he discover the woman’s moves, but he also discovers his own body. I will show you in this little personal story how to deflower a boy.

A Good Blowjob to Start With

Yes, that’s the key to a good deflowering experience. I think going straight for the vagina is too abrupt and rushed. Hasty sex ruins the first-time experience. A blowjob gives your partner confidence and helps him assert his manhood. When dealing with an inexperienced boy, I always start with a blowjob. After shooting his load, I let him rest. During the vaginal or anal penetration, it will be for his second time, so he has more chance to hold on longer. Result: he is confident after his first sexual experience and first time deflowered.

If you don’t like to perform a blowjob, use your lubricated hands to play with your partner’s penis. This is a good alternative.

Expect Premature Ejaculation when Deflowering Boy

Sometimes just thinking about your first sexual encounter puts pressure and anxiety on you. And this affects the man’s ability to perform in bed. For the first time, your partner may suffer from premature ejaculation. But if he comes too quickly, do not be too embarrassed, to the point of embarrassing him back. Premature ejaculation will go away when he gets used to banging a vagina.

But there are worse things when deflowering boy! It may be that the psychological pressure is so great that your man can’t get erectile dysfunction. But there’s nothing to worry about. That’s why foreplay is essential. It allows you to relax a bit and get comfortable. Plus, a good blowjob gets your partner excited and wakes up his manhood.

Having sex for the first time can be stressful. But the most important thing is to be yourself and communicate with your partner. Don’t ask too much about what you’re going to do, but ask him or her whether they like what you’re doing. Masturbation or oral sex is always a good starting point before vaginal penetration. You may be able to use male sex toys for a more fun experience.

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