Best Male Masturbators to Try Now for Better Sex Life

There are many different types of male masturbators. When it comes to buying one, I understand that some men have a hard time choosing one. And this is true even for making a gift to your lover. Some male masturbators are pretty simple and sometimes funny. Others are real gadgets with advanced technology onboard – which even manages to detect your masturbatory preferences. I like all sex toys as long as they allow me to have more fulfilled foreplay. I have tested some of them with my sexual partners. Here are 3 of the best male masturbators that have impressed me the most.

Tenga Eggs

These discreet yet fun eggs are the work of TENGA, a Japanese sex toy company. TENGA eggs are made of soft silicone that works like a flexible cup that you can slide over your glans to enjoy the inner texture.

Underneath the shell is a stretchy masturbator that slides down your shaft. What I like about this masturbator for men is that it’s simple and light. No bulky technology! Plus, each egg gives a different texture and feel. It’s the perfect sex toy to improve your foreplay.

One of my Favorite Male Masturbators : The Fleshlight

It has become a classic. But it’s hard to dethrone this male masturbator that has helped so many men get good at sex. Because let’s face it, the best way to last longer during sex is not to take pills but to practice often.

This torch-shaped wonder has quickly become a big hit thanks to its gadget-like appearance. The Fleshlight will turn your daily masturbation sessions into an actual session of intense pleasure. And can use it anywhere. You can put this nasty torch on your desk or your dresser without attracting curious eyes. This male masturbator is supposed to reproduce the same sensation as actual vaginal penetration. It goes further because you can bang it with the intensity you want, which is not always common during sexual intercourse.


Sometimes manual masturbation can be tedious. How about an automatic masturbator that does the job for you? Keep your hands free while getting the pleasure you want in the intensity you want. That’s what the LELO F1S does. The name might make you think of a sports car brand, but this gadget is just as powerful! Its goal is to give you a custom masturbatory experience. With the integrated controls, you can adjust the type of oscillation and the intensity of the vibration.

What’s great is that this LELO comes with an app that you can control it with. For a great experience, let your partner control it and give you happiness while you lie down, hands-free. The sleeve inside is flexible to fit all penis sizes. For its depth, don’t worry. The F1S can take your entire penis for an enhanced masturbatory experience.

I love the diversity of male masturbators. I never run out of imagination to test things and enhance my foreplay experience. Whether it’s eggs that excite your glans or toys in the style of Fleshlight, the fun is always there. I’m only sharing with you a few masturbators that I’ve tested in my sexual encounters. Many others will make you discover that you must try to raise your level of foreplay. So don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter.

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