I tried BeSexy and here’s what I thought of it

Hey friends, it’s your favorite girl again. You know how much I love trying dating sites to meet new sex partners, right? These platforms can be so exciting! People aren’t judgy, they know exactly what they want and express their needs… Real life is not always like that unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, I do love meeting people at parties or in unexpected places. One doesn’t replace the other. But they definitely complete each other. 

How to find a sex budy on BeSexy

Wait, how do I sign up ?

To me the registration process is always very important when joining a platform. Any platform. I want things to be easy and fun. Like… don’t give me extra work! On BeSexy, the registration was easy to complete. It didn’t take too long – I had to fill in about 10 fields. As on most platforms, you also have the option to register through Facebook. I was surprised to see they don’t have an app, I would have liked that. But to be honest, their website is quite user-friendly and responsive so it worked out fine.

I want to choose who can see my body 

As some of you may know, I’m not just an adventurous woman who writes. I also have a regular office job where people have no idea what my personal life is like. So obviously, the question of confidentiality really matters to me. I’m happy to say that the website doesn’t allow people to see any profile if they are not registered as a member, which is great. I also liked the option you have to add private photos to your profile and only give access to the members you approve. Members can still see your profile picture though, so be aware you could be recognized anyway by someone you know.

How much do you need to pay to meet your next hook-up?

Well, there’s different payment plans. You have Bronze, Silver and Gold subscriptions. Of course, the more you pay, the more features you get such as the display of your profile in the top ranking, unlimited webcam chats, unlimited messages between fans, more photos on your profile, more contact requests per day, etc. Basically, the higher the subscription, the more options you get to find your next hook-up. You get the idea.

BeSexy: my overall review

Beyond the technicalities of the website, which are of course very important when it comes to privacy and how things work, I’d like to tell you more about the features I enjoyed the most

Game, set and… match !

On BeSexy, you can match with other profiles. A Match occurs when two profiles like each other by sending a Kiss, a Like or a Message. What they call a Kiss is pretty much the same as a like. I clicked on the little hearts in the Speedflirt section when I thought someone was really cute or super sexy. Speedflirt is a feature that is built to help you discover profiles that meet your search criteria. Once a profile appears, you can either “like” them (if they like you back, it’s a match, yey!), read their profile and message them, or simply decline them (no thanks, next!). 

I’m joking about it but I actually had a fright the other night. You know when you are just being curious and checking people out without really paying attention? Well I was doing exactly that when I DECLINED a profile that was actually absolutely gorgeous. “Oh no….”. I’m sure you know exactly the type of situation I’m talking about. Anyway, fortunately I could find the profile again by clicking on the Back icon (little tip for you. My treat). And you know what? It was a match. 

The video chat

Everything is possible via a good video chat: online sex, online foreplay, sexy chats or even just casual chats with someone to decide if you’ll meet them in real life. BeSexy’s technology works well and gives you the option to explore safely from home. This feature is available once you have matched with another member or when they are already one of your fans. For me, it was the opportunity to play with the camera frame and only show what I wanted to show. I also got to use accessories and outfits I have at home and only feel comfortable using in the comfort of my own bedroom.


Here is another feature I played with. Yes, “play” is the right word. On BeSexy, you have the option to share private snaps to the person or people you are chatting with (in my case, a yummy bisexual couple from California). You can also share pictures with the whole community. I found it quite empowering to play with how much of my body I share. To send your own snaps, you can create a new photo or video directly on the website or upload existing ones. Handy when you already have good photos saved on your phone and feel a bit lazy!

The type of people I met on BeSexy 

BeSexy’s advanced search bar doesn’t include all the criteria I’d have included but it is still quite handy – especially if there are specific fantasies you want to explore or happen to have a “type” these days. You can focus your search on location, content, interests and other criteria. I decided not to search local in order to broaden my horizon. I kind of had in mind to engage in video or phone sex so location didn’t matter to me.  

Keeping my search quite broad, I was quickly approached by couples and single people – both men and women. People were quite respectful and I had the option to block the ones who were not. You can also add a “nudity filter” if you want to. In my experience, BeSexy users were pretty cool, diverse and open-minded. 

To sum up, I found BeSexy to be a good dating site. Well… hook-up site. Maybe don’t use it if you’re looking for love as the users are mostly here to find casual and open sexual partners. They aren’t really here to share life stories and make a 5-year plan. I’m glad I wasn’t approached by fake profiles (I think?) as it’s something I always find annoying on dating platforms. It felt like a no-taboo site on which I was able to explore fantasies with like-minded individuals. At the end of the day (and night), isn’t it simply what we are looking for? 

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