My great friend Sam is a hot cougar: here’s her story

Have I ever told you about my friend Sam? You would certainly remember her if I had… Sam is one of my hottest friends. She is a hot cougar ! She is 48 years old and she is known among our group of friends for hooking-up with younger men. Like… A lot younger than her. Let me tell you her about her latest adventure, when she really outdid herself.

Well hello there

So here’s the story how Sam told it to me.
First, you need to know she uses the dating site BeSexy to find hook-ups near her, okay?
Now, since she’s super hot, she’s often approached by younger men on the platform. And she adores that. She’s told me she feels like she’s passing on all of her sex knowledge onto them, which I find hilarious and very exciting, you know? She’s basically like a sex mage to me. 😊

Anyway, she matched with that one guy that caught her attention. Tall, brown hair, kinda nerdy but in a hot way, if you get me. They started chatting more and more on the platform. Then moved the conversation to the webcam chat that is available on the website. That’s where things started getting hotter and more intimate. Pretty quickly apparently. She said it started feeling like online foreplay more than just a regular sexy chat. They finally decided they needed to meet in person.

Hooking-up with a hot cougar

I always wonder what it’s like for a younger man to hook-up with a hot cougar. I mean… Imagine how amazing it must feel to be with a woman who really knows what she’s doing, how to blow a man’s mind and how to get hers at the same time. My sex experience in my early twenties was definitely not as exciting as what it must be like with Sam. Believe me. (Thank god it’s got so much more exciting now 😉 )

So Sam and this guy decided to meet in person. She wasn’t sure she would like him that much in real life but decided to go on the date anyway. He was 21 years younger than her… So 27 years-old.  Even for her that is a big age gap. They went for a cocktail in a nice bar and sat on a couch. From what I’ve heard, they went from exchanging pleasantries to making out big time mid-cocktail, so quite quickly after the beginning of the date. Sam initiated it. She said he was a bit shy and didn’t seem to know what to do with his hands at first. So she started leading him. She took his hand from under the table and helped him find his way to her thighs. They slowly worked their way up her skirt, touching her skin. And touching more skin… And more and more skin.

They ended up at Sam’s place that night. Apparently they couldn’t wait to have sex and started undressing in the elevator, touching each other’s excited body and getting into each other’s pants. It all sounded really hot to me when she told me the story. They almost got to her floor pretty much topless. Right when they entered the flat, she went down on him right there against the entryway table. In the end, they had sex on the floor, her on top of him, being in charge and showing him what a 48 year-old can do.

No longer a stranger

This could have stayed a hot story with a younger man for Sam to tell her friends. Unfortunately for her, the story doesn’t end here. They saw each other twice after that. Once when they decided they wanted to hook up again, which apparently was just amazing. And a second time that didn’t go as swell at all, since it was at Sam’s office party, just a couple months later, where she met her new intern… Yeap. The same guy, doing an internship on the same floor as where she works, right here in Chicago. I’m kind of hoping this turns into a hot office hook-up soon. You’ll be the first to know if it turns out to be the case.

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