Sex: what’s a quickie and how to make it mind-blowing?

A few weeks ago, I gathered a few female friends to discuss…. Masturbation. I wanted their insights on why female masturbation was such a taboo. We discussed female pleasure, the dos and don’ts for partners as well as during solo sessions and we ended up doing some research online. I remembered hearing about OMGYes, because Emma Watson talked about it and endorsed it a few years ago. So we checked it out as a group. After that, there was no way for me not to write a complete review of this website. It is…. Something else.

If you don’t know what a quickie is or if you don’t know how to enjoy a quickie, I’m actually so jealous of you. Because now, you actually get to discover it! And guys… Once you start… You’ll soon enough find out how exciting quickies can be! Today, I’d like to tell you about my very own best quick sex adventures, give you my personal advice to enjoy quickie sex as well as my three favorite positions for a quickie that doesn’t disappoint.

What’s a quickie?

As you’ve probably guessed, a “quickie” is basically quick, rushed sex. Usually, the situation that leads to a quickie won’t leave enough time for foreplay or even for removing all of your clothes. There’ll be no time for cuddling or pillow talks afterwards, as you probably won’t even have pillows to start with!

Of course this is not your standard sex, it’s more of a situational experience. It has to happen here and there because we just can’t wait anymore. That type of situation. And that, my friends, is one hot situation to be in. don’t get me wrong, I love a seven course meal with candles and music… But an occasional delicious and outrageous hot dog in-between two meetings can sometimes be just what I need.

Now that we’ve established what a quickie is, let me tell you how relative it all is. Quick sex is only quick according to your own standards – it only means you could have had longer sex with this partner. It can also mean the situation in which you had sex is unusual and feels rushed. 

Ideas for your own quickie

If you’d like to have quick sex but don’t know where to start or how to initiate it, I have ideas for you.
Here’s one real story of mine and one that happened to my friend Emma. I hope they give you tips on how to initiate a quickie with your current partner in crime.

Quickie at the Disco!

Okay, that was just for the sake a good title: this story actually happened at a party. The guy I was seeing and I were partying at the apartment of a friend of a friend’s. There was plenty of people we didn’t know, very loud music and a lot of alcohol. After a few drinks I felt very naughty and started making out with my guy. We stepped out of the apartment for a hot minute and hid in the hallway, between the elevator and a wall. It was a very small space and we had very little time as someone from the party or even a neighbor could have caught us anytime. I gave him a blowjob right there. It felt rushed but very exciting at the same time, we were both super turned on.

Dessert is served

My friend Emma told me about this one time she had dinner and drinks in a restaurant with a few friends and friends of friends. One of the strangers and herself definitely vibed and discretely flirted all evening. At one point, as he was sitting next to her, she put her hand on his thigh. He touched her hand to let her know green lights were on. So she started touching him more, gave him a signal and went to the restaurant bathroom. She didn’t have to wait long to see him rush inside the bathroom and lock the door. They had sex in there and obviously had to make it super quick for nobody to notice. From what I know, they got away with it!

My top 3 positions for a quickie

Here are three positions you can try for a quickie to end all quickies!

The bathroom stand

You’re in a bar, a restaurant or a club and you’re feeling frisky? No time to go home, things need to happen right here, right now. Have one partner lean against the bathroom wall for support, with one leg lifted against the toilet. This gives the other partner plenty of room to pleasure you (with a penis, their tongue, fingers or even a vibrator if you have one with you?)

Sex on a desk

The great thing about this one is that it can be done pretty much anywhere that has a countertop or a desk. Right, now your brain is racing with options, isn’t it? One of the partners stands on the floors while the other sits on a raised surface with their legs spread and wrapped around the first partner. Imagine this at the office, in your kitchen, in a bathroom…. Sky’s the limit.

Floor missionary

I know, you wouldn’t expect the missionary to be on a top 3 positions as it’s never considered to be the most exciting one. But hear me out… You know when you’re in such a hurry to have sex you just want to do it right here and then? And you end up on the floor? That’s what I’m talking about. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, I can’t wait for you to be so turned on you remember reading this and give it a try.

Happy quickie to you all!

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