How to have public sex

Does the idea of having public sex turn you on? Are your knees shaking at the idea of a potentially getting caught in the act? Then yes, you do need to read on. As you might already know if you’ve read more of my articles, I’ve tried public sex a few times now and the thrill it brings is… something else! Today I’ll tell you about what the best places for public sex are, how not to get caught, how to be discreet…. And how to have a blast!

Why have sex in a public place?

We all have different reasons for being turned on by the idea of having sex in a place where you might get caught in the act. One of the main reasons is obviously because it’s forbidden, which makes it hot. You have to hide, be quiet, be quick… and avoid other people walking in on you.

When you’re in a relationship or have a regular partner, it can also be a great way to spice up your sex life and try something new. The adrenaline will make you super horny and you’ll have to team up with your partner to make it go smoothly. With public sex, no more routine and boredom: it’s time for an adventure, for spontaneity, for pleasure without limits.

In order to avoid getting in trouble, I’ll give you my own advice about how and where to have public sex. Let’s prepare you for a mind-blowing experience.

How to have public sex

The first part of the plan is…. Not to plan it. I know, this doesn’t help… What I mean is: be ready for public sex if you know you’ll be in a situation that might lead to it, but keep it spontaneous. For example, remember to keep condoms in your car and in your bag, wear clothes that are easy to take off (special thumbs up for skirts and dresses) and if you’re going outdoors for a little weekend away, keep a blanket in the car.

Public sex also implies being in a bit of a rush. In a bed, you’ll be able to set the mood, take your time and make it last but public sex is a matter of having your fun in a minimum amount of time. That means no time for foreplay: go straight for what you want. Now is not the time to try that new position you saw in a video. You’ll see the rush will make the experience more intense and wild. Actually, I think the wilder and more dangerous it feels, the easier it is to have an orgasm. At least in my case. Though remember to stay quiet, no matter how hard it is not to be loud sometimes.

Sex Outside

Where to have public sex and get away with it

Now here is the real question. Some places are especially good for public sex if you don’t wanna get caught and if you really want to experience something special. I have suggestions for you.

Out in the wild
Whether it’s in a park or in a forest, outdoor sex can be super exciting or even very romantic – depending on what you’re looking for. You’ve got plenty of options with this one: in the mountains if you can hike (sex with a view is amazing), leaning against a tree, or in a nice field… Extra points if you’ve brought a blanket in your bag.
Alright, time to go birdwatching!

At the party

Of course, this is a classic. But sneaking into a bedroom while you’re at a party is a must (I’d personally recommend either a laundry room or the garage rather than a bedroom, it’s so random that it makes it more fun).

At Work

If there’s a storage room at work, no security cameras and you have a crush on a workmate, now is your time to shine. Double risky though: you might lose your job. But it might just be worth the experience!

In The Elevator

Press that button, honey. Now is time to stop the elevator and have a quickie in it. The thrill of having very little time to get yours will stay in your mind for a long time. I highly recommend elevator sex – but it might not be for a first public sex experience as it can get stressful. You never know when it will start working again!

In The Balcony

If you’re on holidays, don’t underestimate the power of your hotel room balcony. I’d recommend waiting til late at night for this one, you don’t want other guests to call the front desk and get you kicked out. But again… With public sex, if there’s no risk, there’s no fun. 

In the Car

And that’s last but not least. One of my best public sex experience was in the car. That guy and I got too excited teasing each other and we stopped on the side of the road for a quickie. It all happened very fast but it was a lot of

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